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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  August 29, 2013 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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on schedule, that is the latest with the bay bridge closed, construction crews are working under the lights for a second night as the grand opening of the new span in the background draws nearer. good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. they are working against a tight deadline taking a live look at the toll booth plaza. it's been 26 hours since the
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bridge closed and crews have been working around the clock to complete everything that need to be done for next week's opening. >> we're also taking a look at the work being done on the span this afternoon from this vantage point on yerba buena avenue. check out this gaping hole in the deck of the old bridge. crews wasted no time today getting this section of the roadway demolished. it's just one of many projects under way. we have team coverage tonight, cara liu monitored the evening commute in the east bay. we begin though with eric rasmussen live at the toll plaza and the latest on caltrans's progress tonight, eric. >> reporter: frank you said it. they are the two words everybody wants to hear, on schedule. now tonight we've noticed a lot of the work has been focusing back actually at the toll plaza. over the last 24 hours they've been grinding up all this roadway and now the paving has
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begun. you can see where a part of asphalt has been completed this evening. and we got a chance to see the construction up close. it's a mastickic mastic -- majestic view of the new bay bridge. now it's liking like drivers can see it sooner than later. >> we have not had any delays or hick ups, we are on schedule. >> reporter: so far crews have demolished half of the road deck on this 1,000-foot section to make way for a temporary bike lane to open. >> you will be able to ride the back a little past the tower but not all the way to the island. >> reporter: caltranss escorted us through the construction zone. near the tunnel, special trucks applied a final protective coating to the roadway but connection to the new bridge has not been completed.
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>> these columns of where a permanent onramp from yerba buena island to the new span will be built. but the most critical work is moving forward. asphalt trucks coming from pleasanton has awaited moving ahead as scheduled. >> they're averaging 37 minutes from their plant to the construction site. >> reporter: back out here live here's another live look at the work that's going on. appears to be some surveying going on before they do some additional paving leading back to the toll plaza. managers aren't able to say that they are ahead of schedule but they do say they always leave room for error during big construction projects like these. it's still possible that the new bay bridge could be open for business as early as late monday. eric rasmussen. the new bay bridge span has been years in the making and progress has sometimes seemed
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to move at a snail's pace. but caltrans gave us this sped up view. >> the lack of the bridge today made commuting across the bay area an adventure and a challenge. traffic has been slow going along the peninsula well past where the evening commute usually ends. drives using the bay bridge found big back ups along highway 101 and highway 2. amber lee joins us live, she's live along 101 in milbrae with how drivers coped. >> reporter: this is what traffic looks like right now. it was very different just a few hours ago. commuters say the bay bridge closure is an inconvenience but they are prepared. this is the view from chopper two during the evening commute. on the ground 101 looks like a parking lot to the san mateo
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bridge. southbound two was no better. >> i'm waiting it out, i guess you can say that. >> reporter: this contractor told me he saw how the traffic was like so he decided to go shopping and wait it out. >> today it was really bad. you can see it on foster city and i thought i'm just not going to get into it. >> reporter: the evening commute back upstarted earlier than normal in the peninsula. this is what it looked like around 5:00 this afternoon. >> it was bumper to bumper, just really slow going. so almost to a crawl. >> one man told me the driver from work was a long one. >> how long did it take you? >> an hour and 20. >> reporter: normally it's what 30 minutes? >> yeah. >> reporter: what time was it? >> it was 1:00, 1:30. >> reporter: i asked her if the commute was worse or better
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than expected? >> better than expected. i left early and i expected it to take me two hours it took me one hour and 40 minutes. one man who commutes from san francisco to at&t park says he's looking forward to a safer bay bridge. >> if it takes that five days for them to close it down, let it be, you know. >> reporter: you're prepared right? >> yeah. i mean we can all deal with a little traffic. >> reporter: some commuters tell me they're off tomorrow for the long holiday weekend. so maybe that will help ease tomorrow's commute. reporting live along 101 in milbrae, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. the final figures aren't in yet but it appears that b.a.r.t. ridership hit record levels today. stations and platforms were crowded system wide. the people we spoke with this morning said trains were standing room early as early as 5:00 a.m. >> it was packed with people standing up and it's not that
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bad that early. >> reporter: 5:00 in the morning. >> yeah, 5:30 in the morning. it was full of people but we all got here. >> reporter: by 7:00 tonight, 390,000 people road b.a.r.t. trains. almost 62,000 more than on this day last year. the all time ridership is 168,000 that was set on halloween on the day of the giant's world series parade. our coverage continues throughout this newscast. ahead at 10:30, we return to the bay bridge toll plaza for a live update. and another commute that saw some of the worse traffic today. new developments tonight in a marin city homicide. it happened last friday. rosa aldana was stabbed to death in her home. the marin district attorney has now filed charges against her 22-year-old son carlos. he's accused of stabbing his mother before catching a bus to san francisco. before his arrest he was shot and wounded in a confrontation
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with park police. arraignment is set for tomorrow. new information now on the arrest of a police officer that we first reported one week ago tonight. police in concord are now confirming the arrest of 37- year-old san francisco police officer richard hastings the iii. the officer is accused of molesting a 15-year-old boy. detectives are recommending charges of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor, sodomy and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. sergeant hastings is suspended from sfpd. the governor decided to sponsor a bill after the deaths of five women. right now smaller linos with fewer than 10 passengers don't have to carry fire extinguishers. hill says smaller limos are often town cars that have been
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cut in half and stretched. >> that's the real challenge with this. because no one knows if they are safe. did they use the proper grade wiring, are the welds secure? >> the bill is scheduled to go before the assembly apropriations committee tomorrow. the fire crews are being helped by cooler temperatures, higher humidities and calmer winds. since yesterday the forest service said the fire only group 6,700 acres. containment is up slightly but still at 32%. full containment isn't expected until september 20th. that is a week longer than what fire officials estimated yesterday. state officials say the federal government is picking up most of the tab for fighting the rim fire. $37million so far since its mostly burning on national
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forestland. but fighting 5,000 other wildfires across the state has caused california $65 million which works out to about 1/3 of its fire fighting budget. several community groups are forming a coalition in fairfield to help people recover from a grass fire. that fire destroyed two homes, left three more uninhabitable and damaged three others. fire officials met with victims to answer questions, offer support and talk about the clean up. the seven alarm fire began tuesday afternoon on the side of i80. embers grew to the sound wall and then to near by homes. residents told us they had to watch as homed burns including one man who says there wasn't a single firefighter around. >> the fire jumped from the shed to the fence, from the fence to the porch, from the porch to the tree, from the tree to my house. and i watched the whole thing happen without a single fireman putting a hose on the house. >> reporter: a debate is also brewing about who's responsible
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for controlling vegetation along the sound wall. the city say it is properties go up right to the wall. but residents have been told to keep out. ktvu's ken pritchett on an operation that was years in the making. >> say 10-inch abaloni. that's definitely a prized abaloni. >> reporter: a prized abaloni but not where it should be. this is an arrest of an alleged poacher in his pajamas. >> the size of this one could go for 15, due to its size. >> that's 1/3 of our law enforcement staff. >> reporter: some of the alleged poachers were under surveillance for six years or more. fish and wildlife say this is man arrested at his oakland
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home was the leader of a large operation. scuba gear was seized and coolers full of evidence. >> he's got 57 abaloni so far this year when the annual limit would be 24. fish and wildlife says the men were diving for abaloni off the sonoma coast. the arrest took at two different homes and the suspects will be taken back to mendecino. fish and wildlife said they uncovered a network of buyers and sellings of this abaloni. no restaurants or businesses were implicated. >> we think they're getting about $100 per abaloni. >> reporter: fish and wildlife says it often sees repeat offenders who suffer light punishment but this bust could lead to felony charges and jail time. a baby, two toddlers and a scheme to commit crimes. >> once it happened i thought
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what a master mind. i'll break down how much your area is about to heat up. >> after the break, the unique show of support after a teenager dies in a horrific crash. how his school and rivals are using school colors to pay tribute.
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tonight 200 people gathered for an emotional vigil to remember a bay area high school student killed just before the
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start of his senior year. ktvu's marureen naylor attended that memorial and tell us the message his family had for the teens. >> reporter: the high schooler had just fallen in love and spend the summer traveling and fishing. tonight his classmates came together for what was a touching musical tribute. >> reporter: tonight a sea of faces spent this first week of school mourning the life of a classmate. 17-year-old robert orlando was killed monday night after the car he was a passenger in hit a tree near his home the day before his senior year was set to start at san ramon high school. >> i've known robert since i've been in sixth grade. i ate lunch with him every day, talked to him every day. >> reporter: leron was his close friend. >> it's been horrifying. you can never just imagine it.
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until it actually happens. it's terrifying. >> the death of pain is indescribable. the death of the support has been unbelievable. >> reporter: robert's aunt says what has really touched his family has been support. including a rival high school. >> everybody is wearing white. i saw cal, monte vista, and others. >> reporter: rival monte vista wore green to remember a 17- year-old who loved fishing, loved golfing and wanted to go to usc. >> all these teens understand that you have to drive carefully. be careful, live is precious. they wanted us to stress that the other two boys survived and they are so happy that they
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did. >> reporter: investigators have not figured exactly how fast the other car was going at the time of the crash. and more details now, there will be a public memorial service for robert orlando next week. it is scheduled for 3:00 p.m. on tuesday at saint joan of the arch catholic church in san ramon. new video tonight of a crash that involved several vehicles and fronted people to in one neighborhood to take matters into their own hands. a car hit four other cars pushing them into the front yard of a home. the driver reportedly tried to run but bystanders decided to get involved. they caught the driver then handed him over to police. the incident happened around 7:15 tonight. a snake scam has now been reported on the peninsula. police in berlingame approached a man saying she was an animal
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control agent looking for snakes. so as the homeowner led them into their backyard, another man went into the home and stole a coin collection. similar thefts have been reported in the area. authorities used a robot to isolate the device and then they blew it up. students were allowed back into the area about 20 minutes later. exactly what that device was is not known but a source tells ktvu that it was meant to look harmful. a south bay teacher is facing child porn charges.
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police arrested brian westfall after they found pornographic pictures. investigators say they found no lewd behavior with any students. turlocson said fewer schools are meeting state standards. only 51% of schools reached a target score on the state's academic performance in the current school year down from 53 last year. at the same time, he says the number of students passing the high school exit exam is up. >> more students than ever are passing in the tenth grade so this is a positive indication that students are focusing early on getting those skills that are needed to get a high school diploma. >> the high school exit exam pass rate is at 95.5%. up a half% from last year. fast food workers in cities all over the country walked off
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the job demanding among other things higher play. ktvu's john fowler tells us some of these workers as little as $65 a day and say it's really hard to make ends meat. >> reporter: at fast food stores, including this kfc at oakland protesters demanding higher pay. 21-year-old jasmine hegpet works in richmond $8 an hour. she wants san francisco's minimum wage. >> it's a shame. i shouldn't have to go across bridges just to make $10.55 an hour. >> you take an $8 an hour job. >> that would be fine. >> reporter: in concord we found out of work paul bunick on his bike looking far job. >> my dad is out of work. my brother is out of work. and it's not easy. >> reporter: a contra costa
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county opening wage is $8 an hour. >> they work really hard. they probably do deserve more than $8. >> reporter: these people gain skills to land a higher paying job. >> you can find a job that pays $8, $12 even $15 but living on that is pretty hard. >> reporter: sharmine says she makes $12, and it's still hard. >> at the end of the month i still don't have enough food to feed me and my son. >> reporter: mcdonalds said many of its minimum wage employees have gone on to success in and out of the restaurant business and that there will be no wage change because of today's strike. in pleasant hill, john fowler, ktvu channel 2 news. . so today turned out a lot like yesterday. daytime highs about the same. some upper 80s, a couple of 90s
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popping up. tomorrow's highs warmer. the marine layer is really pinched down along the coast. it's very dense fog out of pacifica. that's going to give you dense fog at the coast and it's going to warm it up inland. how warm is it going to get, inland highs tomorrow into the mid-90s. this temperature footprint is coming in. this is as close as the reds have been in a while. we're going to see tons of 90s. lots of upper 80s and mid-80s over all you will notice warmer days for days -- warmer temps for your friday. standing without an important allie. the move that was made today. and a story you will see only on 2. >> 800 plants they cut down, killed them all.
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now to our continuing coverage of the crisis in syria. late today the british parliament said no to military action against syria. meaning if the united states decides to strike it'll do so without one important ally. the white house says president obama will base his decision on america's best interest even if it means acting alone. >> what we have seen here tragically, is a preponderance of the evidence available in
10:26 pm
the public domain that the asad regimed used chemical weapons against their citizens. in san francisco today dozens of protesters rallied at powell and market streets demanding that the u.s. stay out of syria. they say money spent on military action there could be better used in this country and they want the u.s. to get out of the rest of the middle east as well. a federal appeals court today upheld california's law banning so called gay conversion therapy. a group of conversion therapists appealed. the law does not cover the activities of pastors and
10:27 pm
counselors who provide such therapy but are unlicensed. same-sex couples who are legally married will be treated as married for federal tax purposes. treasury secretary lu says the ruling assuring legally married similar sex couples that they can move legally across the nation knowing their filing status will not change. a lease agreement gives netflix right of way at a new building. netflix headquarters is located across albright way and is running out of room. and coming up after the break, we return to the bay
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bridge with a live update on the progress to open the new span on time. and it's not a crime that's unusual. but the unique ploy that stunned a lot of people at a bay area pilates studio. >> it felt like it was a set up and it obviously was a set up. >> three people are accused of using babies as part of their scheme to steal. [ female announcer ] safeway presents real big deals of the week.
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real big deals this week and every week. back now to our continuing coverage of the new bay bridge. we are now four days and seven hours away from the opening of the new eastern span. >> news chopper 2 flew over the bridge to check on the progress crews are making. this is a look at all the progress taking place on the toll plaza. >> and work began this morning to demolish the old bay bridge.
10:31 pm
two large pieces of heavy equipment pounded that old structure. bridge engineers fed old documents into a new computer system to figure out the best way to take it all down. the steel will be recycled. the entire process is expected to take three years. our crew monitoring the construction says it appears work has picked up speed in the past 30 minutes since we last checked in. eric rasmussen joins us live once again from the bay bridge toll plaza. >> reporter: from our perspective things have certainly picked up. just take a look out here. and army of trucks have moved in in the last 10 minutes. you can see the lights with the two lights and american flag. it has now started the process of more paving up there close to the toll plaza. of course this is not part of the new span of the bay bridge but drivers will find a freshly paveed roadway as they go through the toll plaza when this thing opens up next week.
10:32 pm
as we show you video tonight, we will be able to go back to the toll plaza. it's where we watched the bridge close down last night. you can get a sense of the near perfect weather we've had out here as crews try to get this thing down on schedule. work is also simultaneously happening on the other end of the bay ban. these are all finishing touches. the connection s on both ends have already been made. >> it's breathing room in case something goes down. there's a very, very slim chance that we are not going to make the tuesday morning opening. we have seen nothing yet that indicates we would not make tuesday morning at 8:00. as we said earlier at the top of this newscast, the managers would not go out and say that they feel confident they can get this all done early. perhaps opening late monday but that is a possibility. as for the near future, on tomorrow, crews will continue doing some of this paving work out here. we're also told that the striping that has to be done
10:33 pm
will get started. and there's also an interesting project with this bike track. there's a possibility that this could open a little early. but the pedestrian path will not open until noon on tuesday if you're planning to check that out. eric rasmussen, ktvu news. and take a look at this. talk about a kodak moment. news chopper 2 was flying over the bay bridge this morning and saw dozens of cal workers posing for a photo at the line of the yerba buena. for many drivers the bay bridge take them back and forth from side to the
10:34 pm
other. cara liu is live now in berkeley to tell us where the biggest bottlenecks were today. >> reporter: traffic is moving smoothly right now on i80 but that certainly was not the case earlier. it was quite a headache for dozens of commuters. getting from san francisco to the east bay was no easy task. the back up on 101 in marin county started by mid- afternoon. here's what it looked like around 5:00, traffic was backed up all the way up to larksburg. >> it's terrible. really, really terrible. it's just bumper to bumper. >> reporter: lisa tell us she left salsalito and it took her an hour to get to the other side. >> so i'm turning around and staying in solsalito and staying with a friend. >> reporter: so you're giving up? >> yeah. >> reporter: many used the san
10:35 pm
rafael bridge and it was slow going all the way to emeryville. >> everything is just backed up. so it's real bad. i wouldn't expect it to be looking that bad. >> reporter: jeff crow stopped for gas on his way home. he estimated his commute would take an extra 45 minutes. >>it's usually very backed up. this morning it was actually very good. but now it's bad. >> reporter: tomorrow evening's commute is also expected to be difficult. transit officials suggest allowing yourself a little extra time if you do have to be out on the roads. cara liu, ktvu news. if you plan on traveling some where for the upcoming labor day weekend you're not alone. aaa is predicting 35 million californians will hit the roads. 3.1million will be driving, a
10:36 pm
little over 500,000 will be traveling by air. and another 300,000 will be traveling by other means, perhaps train or boat. new developments tonight in a story we first brought you last weekend. two men have been arrested in connection with a double homicide in union city. police say 22-year-old eric estrada and 19-year-old robert dillan redding are both charged with two counts of murder and gang enhancement. the shooting happened on d street around 9:00 a.m. on sunday. the victims have been identified as daniel sanchez and carlos estrada partida both of union city. thieves used children as decoys to steal personal belongings from a pilates studio in san francisco. david stevenson tell us about
10:37 pm
the new procedures put in place in what's usually a quiet family neighborhood. >> reporter: blare body says she knew something was wrong from the moment the family moved in. >> it felt like it was a set up and it obviously was a set up. >> reporter: a group of parents a man and two women toting a 1- year-old, 2-year-old and 3-year- old came to the studio. one of the women asked to use a bathroom to help clean up a sick baby. >> she didn't go to the restroom. she sat down on the bench. i thought that was a little strange. >> reporter: prosecutors say one of the women stole a client's purse and took off. body and the woman chased her down the street. >> the woman was claiming that it was her purse. and i said let me snap a photo of your i.d. that way if anything is missing i can find you. and the woman refused and punched her in the chest. >> they're being charged with child endangering and a couple
10:38 pm
of other counts. >> reporter: brody says she felt bad for the children. >> i didn't think of it being a theft because there were kids around. and once it happened i thought what a master mind. >> reporter: the studio now locks its door and uses a buzzer to ring in familiar faces. >> taking advantage of people's good will is bad especially in this family neighborhood. >> reporter: the arrested suspects have been identified as sabrina sibrian and johnny perez. a third suspect a woman is still being sought. in san francisco, david stevenson, ktvu channel 2 news. a reverse raid, only on 2 the reason police are giving this man pot instead of taking it away. >> heading into your labor day weekend. the best time to fire up the bar-b-que and get outside where you live. >> and it's a really convenient way to get around the city. >> the one catch we discovered for riders. úo
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a new bike sharing program debuted in five bay area cities today. it's said to be the largest program of its kind in the west coast with 700 bikes. ktvu's rob roth explains how it works and how much it costs. >> reporter: this man delivering flowers in san francisco by bicycle for a living. this morning he decided to test out the bay area's new bike sharing program. >> it's incredibly economical. for people to use instead of having their own bike, having to do maintenance. getting it stolen. >> reporter: the bay area air quality district and the metropolitan transportation commission launched the bike sharing program today which they say is the largest on the west coast. there's currently 700 bikes in
10:42 pm
70 stations in san francisco. >> it's a very convenient way to get around the city. getting from the train station to the office or back again. or meeting with a friend. >> reporter: bikes can be rented with a yearly pass or every time it's rented. one an hourly rental might cost extra. while san francisco mayor ed lee supports bike share he says adding more bicycles on the road raises concerns about safety. >> we're going to do a great amount of education both for bicyclists, pedestrians and for car and truck drivers. >> reporter: bay area bike share hopes to expand to 1,000 bicycles in 100 stations within the next six months. rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. a police investigation has determined a big rig driver was
10:43 pm
at fault in a crash that killed a cyclist in san francisco. san francisco police chief greg surh says the case is being turned over to the district attorney who could file charges against that driver. the cyclist 24-year-old amali lumulac was killed on sixth and 14th street on august 14th on her way to work. a police sergeant initially blamed the cyclist. and bike advocates accused police of a superficial investigation. chief greg suhr apologized today and said surveillance footage uncovered by the bicycle coalition was key to this investigation. san jose unveiled an ambitious plan that is already stirring up controversy. mayor chuck reed announced a plan to expand the police force by more than 200 officers. it would fill vacancies and restore wages by at least 10%. the officer comes in the midst of a bitter stand off between city hall and the officers
10:44 pm
union over wages and pension reform. one union member dismissed today's plan saying it is full of empty promises. sending a clear message, how the obama administration says it will deal with states that recently legalized marijuana. but first -- >> marijuana seized as evidence but it's not headed to an incinerator, why it was returned to the distense -- dispensary it was taken from. >> and chief chief meteorologist bill martin putting the final touches to your weekend forecast. >> and how new measures will take safer steps to injuries in the nfl.
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10:47 pm
marijuana advocates are hailing the decision as a big step forward. for a vallejo man who once ran a successful dispensary, something we don't see very often. authorities seized his marijuana but today they had to return it. only on 2, ktvu's deborah villalon is live with how the case collapsed but not in time to save the man's business. >> reporter: this was once the green well collective with some 9,000 compliants until the medical marijuana was seized. >> hey, look that the. a couple of hundred marijuana edibles. >> reporter: mike chuckwell rummages through his marijuana. >> all these bags after bags
10:48 pm
after bags of weed, all of these ruined. >> reporter: 800 plants worthless after two years of storage. police returned to him in court order. his case was dropped after unsufficient evidence. >> i cried. i cried. i thought all this for nothing. >> reporter: it's something that he has been living very publicly through a television show. >> i publicized in the paper. >> reporter: none of vallejo's cases was successly prosecuted. >> one case was lost and the others are simply just not file. >> reporter: vallejo pd says medical pot remains a priority. >> if they're using it, if they're doing it in a matter that is inconsistent with the
10:49 pm
current laws, then we're going to enforce the law. >> reporter: shotwell says he's a ship navigator by training who learned how to cultivate marijuana after his father and sister got cancer. >> just make it illegal, tax, regular -- regulate and let people smoke. >> reporter: voters passed a 10% tax on it. and since last year's raids, a half dozen dispensaries have popped up. , deborah villalon, ktvu news. the national football league reached a $755 million
10:50 pm
settlement. the money will pay for treatment, medical exams and research. it'll be available to 18,000 former players. we are heading into the holiday weekend for many. many have tomorrow off because of the commute issues on the bay bridge. let's take a look at the satellite loop. this is what's going to impact us this weekend this low pressure center. there's another one here. and there's another one here. they're going to stay to the north of us. there'll be some showers into northern california. but the main impact is going to be kind of cool down as we go into the weekend. so temperatures tomorrow warm, warmest day of the week. then temperatures begin to cool from there. there's fog along the coast right now. it's a very narrow band of fog. it's shallow. so the marine layer is very thin. that set us up with fog tomorrow. the fog at the coast is going to be there most of the day tomorrow. the weekend fog and low clouds will be around. we'll see plenty of high clouds as that weather system to the
10:51 pm
north impacts us. but mainly just in the form of cooler daytime highings. here's the cool pressure that sets us up tomorrow as a cool day. then we get to saturday and sunday, temperatures start to cool because of this low pressure. so friday is the heat day. saturday and sunday temperatures cool down because of that low pressure center. that's how that goes. it's going to be a nice weekend it's just not going to be hot around here. chances tomorrow you're going to find plenty of fog in the bay in the afterhours. then it's going to burn off very quickly. it's going to be 95 in brentwood, 93 in livermore. you're 85 in san jose, warmer than it was today, 65 in pacifica. your bay area weekend in view will be warmer tomorrow. you notice the heat up. a very nice weekend just not as warm. slightly cooler through sunday and monday.
10:52 pm
>> sounds good, thank you bill. final exhibition game between the niners and what a difference between the two. >> quarterback collin kaepernick played just one series against the chargers. this one goes to quintin patton. fourth round pick from louisiana tech. watch chargers number five take the juke and just, oops. look at his rookie go. it's just his second exhibition game of the season and he scores his second touchdown. and yes quinnton can shake and bake. i love that guy. the 49ers must cut 42 players off the roster by saturday.
10:53 pm
cam jackson just made the team. but what will they do with lavell hawkins. he leaps, bounces and turns on the afterburners. the 45-yard touch down for hawkins. the 49ers win. and the 33-year-old sacramento native must have figured it was not worth competing against b.j. daniels for that third string job. and once again we saw the good pryor and the bad pryor. and that's mr. wilson to the rookie steven williams. 50-yard play sets up the one and only touchdown of this entire game. quarterback terrell pryor ran
10:54 pm
for 48 on three carries. this 25-yarder sets up one of the raiders two field goals it was 10-3 after one quarter. pryor completes just 28. and walter thurmon is steps with a gift. it's one step forward and one step back for the raiders. and brandon moss was a first round pick. can moss and the a's go for the sweep?
10:55 pm
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detroit is the town. brandon moss of the a's, loves comerica park. moss from 14 with four homers, 10 rbis in this game. but closer belfor said he had nothing. he was right. torre hunter don't hang the slider. that's a slider that's a 3-run homer walk off win for the tigers to avoid getting swept. they're three games up in the
10:58 pm
wild card race. next up stanford. >> you bet. >> it's fun to watch. thanks. >> thank you for choosing ktvu channel 2 news. we'll see you the next time news breaks. >> ktvu morning news begins at 4:30. we'll tell you if the bay bridge closure is going to make a mess of the commute again or if the upcoming holiday is going to ease it up. and we're always here for you on and mobile ktvu. good knight. >> good night.
10:59 pm
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captioning made possible by columbia tristar domestic television well, it's a magnificent stone. they put it up this morning. it's just a magnificent stone. jerry? george... we'll leave you alone with her. what? i'm sure there are things you'd like to say. no, i-i-i-i'm good. really. jerry. jerry.


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